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Common Ninja: News & Updates — April 2024

Common Ninja,

Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we are going to discuss the latest news, updates, and developments at Common Ninja.

Common Ninja: News & Updates — April 2024

March has been a landmark month for us, and we're thrilled to share a series of exciting updates and news that underscore our commitment to innovation and excellence. In a particularly exhilarating highlight, our bracket widget caught the attention of none other than Jimmy Fallon, who incorporated it into his book club, showcasing its versatility and appeal on a national stage.

But that's not all; we've been hard at work behind the scenes, rolling out an array of new widgets, integrations, and enhanced features for our existing lineup. Each of these developments is designed to enrich user experience and offer unparalleled functionality, and we can't wait for you to explore what we've been building.

Celebrating Spotlight Success: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Powers Up with Common Ninja's Bracket Widget

We're absolutely thrilled to share a milestone achievement that has truly set a new benchmark for us at Common Ninja: our Bracket Maker widget has been spotlighted on none other than "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon! In an electrifying announcement, Jimmy unveiled the return of the Fallon Book Club, now powered by our very own Brackets widget. 

This collaboration not only showcases our widget's robust ability to handle massive traffic surges but also its versatility in being customized to meet the unique needs of our users. With over 420,000 votes cast in the first round alone, the excitement and engagement from viewers have been nothing short of phenomenal. 

As the Fallon Book Club enters its next round, powered by our Bracket Maker, we're reminded of the incredible impact our tools can have on a global stage. This is a proud moment for us, and we're eager for you to join in the fun and cast your vote in the next round of the Fallon Book Club. Stay tuned to see how it all unfolds, and thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with us!

Introducing: New Widgets

We’ve added new and exciting widgets to our library: 

Tabs: Enhance your website's organization and user experience with the Tabs widget from Common Ninja. This widget allows you to create sleek, responsive tabs that can contain text, images, or even other widgets. Perfect for FAQs, product descriptions, or any content you wish to present in a compact, navigable format, it's customizable to match your site's design and user interface.

TikTok Slider: Bring dynamic TikTok content directly to your site with the TikTok Slider widget. This tool enables you to showcase TikTok videos in a sliding format, making it an ideal solution for highlighting trending content, user-generated videos, or promotional material. Fully responsive and easy to customize, it enhances engagement and keeps your site visitors entertained and informed.

Instagram Slider: The Instagram Slider widget allows you to seamlessly integrate Instagram posts into your website. Display your latest posts, user testimonials, or curated visuals in a beautiful sliding format. This widget is designed to boost visual appeal and social proof, encouraging more interaction and engagement from your audience.

Poll: Engage your audience and gather valuable insights with the Poll widget. This interactive tool enables you to create custom polls quickly and easily, offering real-time results to both you and your participants. Whether for market research, user feedback, or just for fun, the Poll widget is a versatile addition to any website.

Video Slider: Showcase your video content in a sleek, engaging manner with the Video Slider widget. Ideal for tutorials, testimonials, or any video series, this widget allows visitors to easily browse through your videos in a compact space. Customizable and responsive, it ensures your video content looks great on any device.

Introducing: New Integrations

As part of our commitment to enhancing user experience and functionality, we're excited to announce a new suite of integrations across all our widgets. These integrations are designed to streamline communication, increase efficiency, and provide more control over your content. Here's a brief overview of what each integration offers:

Slack: Streamline your notifications with our Slack integration. By connecting your widgets to Slack, you can receive instant alerts and updates directly in your Slack channels. 

Discord: Engage your community with our Discord integration. This feature allows you to send notifications and updates from your widgets directly to your Discord server, facilitating real-time interaction and feedback from your community. 

Microsoft Teams: Similar to our Slack integration, Microsoft Teams integration ensures your team never misses an update. Get alerts and notifications from your widgets directly within Teams, facilitating efficient information sharing and collaboration among team members. 

Twilio: Extend your reach with SMS notifications via our Twilio integration. Similar to our other notification integrations, Twilio allows you to send SMS alerts and updates, ensuring you can connect with your audience directly on their mobile devices. 

Klaviyo: By connecting your widgets to an email marketing tool, you can automate email notifications, collect leads, and send targeted campaigns based on user interactions with your widgets. 

URL Masking: Protect your digital assets with URL masking. This feature allows you to mask the URLs of images, videos, or audio files used in your widgets, preventing users from directly downloading your content. 

Introducing: New Features

We’ve added new features to the following widgets : 

Brackets: We've added security integrations. We've also added an option to reset round's matches and scores, along with an option to submit multiple predictions.

Sliders & Carousels: We've added randomized items' order to enhance the viewing experience.

Feedback Popup: We've added multi-language support to cater to a global audience.

Maps: We've added the ability to set pin color at an item level for customized map presentations.

Quiz: We've added reports support to provide insights into quiz interactions.

Reviews: We've added multi-language support for times, making reviews more accessible to a diverse user base.

Pricing Tables: We've added a new template, based on our pricing page, for a more cohesive user experience.

News Ticker: We've added items order randomization to keep content fresh and engaging.

Event Listings: We've added cards alignment for a cleaner, more organized display.