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Common Ninja: News & Updates — September 2023

Common Ninja,

Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we are going to discuss the latest news, updates, and developments at Common Ninja.

Common Ninja: News & Updates — September 2023

In our latest wave of exciting updates, we are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with the renowned AI-website-building platform, Durable. This collaboration promises to bring innovative integrations to our widgets, enhancing their functionality and versatility. As we celebrate the milestone of reaching 500 followers on LinkedIn, we're also rolling out an array of brand-new widgets and introducing enhanced features for our existing lineup. 

Dive in to discover all the advancements we've been working on to elevate your experience with us!

Introducing: New Widgets

Agenda Widget

The Agenda Widget offers a streamlined way to showcase events, schedules, or timelines on your website. With its intuitive interface, you can easily organize and display important dates, ensuring your audience stays informed and engaged.

Pricing Slider Widget

Introducing the Pricing Slider Widget, a dynamic tool that allows users to interactively adjust and view different pricing tiers or product options. It's an engaging way to present pricing structures, ensuring clarity and user-friendliness.

Catalog Widget

The Catalog Widget is your go-to solution for displaying products or services on your website. With its sleek design and easy-to-navigate interface, you can showcase your offerings in a visually appealing and organized manner.

Corner Popup Widget

Elevate your website's engagement with the Corner Popup Widget. This widget provides a subtle yet effective way to display notifications, announcements, or promotions, ensuring your message gets noticed without disrupting the user experience.

Corner Coupon Popup Widget

Boost your sales and promotions with the Corner Coupon Popup Widget. This widget is designed to attractively present special offers or discounts, encouraging users to take action and benefit from your deals.

Corner Popup Builder Widget

Customize your popups to perfection with the Corner Popup Builder Widget. This versatile tool allows you to design and tailor popups to fit your brand's aesthetic and messaging, ensuring consistency and effectiveness.

Diagrams Widget

Visualize complex data or processes effortlessly with the Diagrams Widget. Whether it's flowcharts, organizational structures, or any other form of diagram, this widget ensures clarity and professionalism in your presentations.

Introducing: New Integrations

In our continuous pursuit of excellence and adaptability, we're ecstatic to introduce a suite of fresh integrations designed to supercharge your widget experience. Leading the pack is our collaboration with Common Ninja, allowing for dynamic interactions between our widgets. Imagine integrating data-driven widgets, like forms, with others to create a cohesive and interactive user experience. 

Additionally, we've bridged the gap with Notions and Airtable, two powerhouse platforms, ensuring that your data management and organizational tasks are more streamlined than ever. Dive into these integrations and unlock a world of enhanced functionality and efficiency!

Introducing: New Features

We’ve added new features to the following widgets : 

  • 3D Cards: Added API, CSV, and Wix data integrations. 
  • Calendar: Introduced support for recurring events.
  • Testimonials: Integrated API, CSV, and Wix data capabilities. 
  • Image Carousel: Implemented an option to make images linkable. 
  • Comments: Introduced support for links within comments. 
  • Process: Introduced new integrations. 
  • What's New Popup: Introduced new integrations. 
  • Announcements: Introduced new integrations. 
  • Animated Headlines: Introduced an option for text gradients. 

Celebrating: 500+ Followers on Linkedin

Hitting the 500 followers mark on LinkedIn is more than just a number for us — it's a testament to our growing community of supporters and enthusiasts. Each one of you plays a crucial role in our journey, and we're deeply grateful for the trust and engagement you've shown. 

As we continue to evolve and bring you the latest in widget technology and integrations, we invite you to stay connected with us. For regular updates, news, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, make sure to follow our LinkedIn account. Let's keep the momentum going and reach even greater heights together!

Announcing: Partnership with Durable

We are elated to unveil our latest collaboration with Durable, a frontrunner in the website-building arena. This partnership signifies a pivotal step forward, as our widgets are now seamlessly integrated and accessible directly from within the Durable platform. 

Users can effortlessly harness the power and versatility of our widgets, enhancing their website's functionality and user experience. Together with Durable, we aim to redefine the boundaries of website design and interactivity. 

Join us on this journey of innovation and expanded possibilities!