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Common Ninja: News & Updates — April 2023

Common Ninja,

Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we are going to discuss the latest news, updates, and developments at Common Ninja.

Common Ninja: News & Updates — April 2023

Exciting news! This month, in addition to a bunch of cool new widgets and powerful new features, we’ve released our Platform API. 

Introducing: Platform API

Another major announcement we have is the introduction of our brand-new, game-changing Platform API — a real leap forward in how you interact with our widgets. 

The Common Ninja API provides developers with a powerful and versatile way to integrate and extend the functionality of Common Ninja’s wide range of no-code widgets into their applications, websites, and online stores. With the API, you can retrieve widget data, update existing widgets, access personal basic information such as email and name, and read project data.

We welcome all developers to delve into our new Platform API and unearth the thrilling potential it offers. We’re sure that you’ll find it an indispensable asset in your toolkit. So let’s join forces and create something truly spectacular! 

You can read more about the new API here.

Introducing: New Widgets

We’ve been busy curating some more enhancements and additions for you. Today, we’re unveiling an extensive lineup of innovative widgets, designed to enrich your digital endeavors. Let’s introduce Reviews Badge, Lottie Player, News Ticker, Feedback Form, Form Builder, Timeline, Social Links, Image Magnifier, various specialized forms, Slide In, Image Hover Effects, Image Accordion, Marketing Button, Video Gallery, and Sitejabber Reviews.

Kickstarting the lineup is our Reviews Badge, a widget that beautifully displays customer reviews to boost your credibility. 

Next up, we have the Lottie Player, letting you incorporate stunning Lottie animations into your website. 

For those keen on sharing live updates or announcements, the News Ticker is a neat tool to have.

Feedback Form is an excellent tool for collecting user feedback, while our Form Builder helps you create custom forms for various purposes. 

The Timeline widget allows you to visualize and share chronological events or a series of steps effectively.

In addition, we have the Social Media Links widget to connect your visitors to your social platforms and the Image Magnifier for a detailed view of your images. 

We’re also rolling out a range of specialized forms — Order Form, RSVP Form, Petition Form, Course Registration, Job Application, and Support Form — each designed to streamline specific interactions.

The Slide-In Panel widget adds an element of surprise, revealing content as users scroll. For those looking to enhance visual appeal, we’ve got the Image Hover Effects and Image Accordion. The Marketing Button is here to promote call-to-action, while the Video Gallery makes it easier than ever to create an engaging video showcase.

Lastly, we have Sitejabber Reviews, a new widget that lets you display customer reviews from Sitejabber, boosting your brand reputation.

In a nutshell, these new additions promise to make your online space more interactive, engaging, and efficient. We can’t wait for you to explore them!

Introducing: New Features

We’ve added new features to the following widgets: 

  • The Age Verification Widget – we’ve added the option to redirect to a desired URL after verification. 
  • The Audio Player Widget– we’ve added the ability to turn off the auto track switch, and control the initial volume. 
  • The Various List Widgets – we’ve added Right To Left (RTL) text support
  • The Pricing Tables Widget – we’ve added custom styles that don’t require CSS code. 
  • The Reviews Widget – we’ve added the option to edit the “Leave a Review” button text. 
  • The Forms Widget – we’ve added the option to create “step-by-step” forms. 
  • The FAQ Widget – we’ve added the SEO-friendly mode, which automatically generates and adds FAQ schema markup for the widget.